Black Gold EP

by Black Churches

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released January 9, 2010

Mixed and Mastered by Mike Dicresezno
Album Art by Matt Goold



all rights reserved


Black Churches Amherst, Massachusetts

I've got a body. It's a black hole.

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Track Name: Black Gold
Laying in the dirt like a dog
We never learned right from wrong
We’ve been walking backwards all these years
They’ll be leaving it’s a guarantee
They’re going to steal the hot air coming from my throat
Thought I found black gold
Must’ve been a mirage
Have you found your gold?
If I’m coming up snake eyes I don’t want to know
My luck is blind my bodies bored
I’m all strung out just like before
We are all thieves
We are all criminals
Track Name: Ivory
Old white men kill us all
Old white men won’t you kill us all
My brains are brown and uncomfortable
The sounds I make were never profitable
Your lying black tongue got stuck in your throat
It’s bank or bust and you’ve already spoke
Old white men come kill us all
So i stacked my hands with the chemicals
Because that old white man he aint got no lungs
When your done collecting bones
From all your foes and everyone
I won’t be sleeping
Track Name: All Your Machines
All your machines couldn’t make me smile
Why have you preached what you loathe the most?
All your machines couldn’t make me smile
I’ve been dreaming of a comatose
I’ve been good
Standing on my spine won’t heal me
No one can ever leave
Track Name: When I'm Dead
When I’m dead don’t put me underground
When I’m dead don’t steal my clothes
You never can trust the living
I never will
And I won’t call this place my home
I was born to die a poor tired man
All my friends will leave me lying there
Track Name: Seasick
Anchors tied around our necks
So we know what the weight feels like
Standing we’re not sinking
Feed me to the swamp
Back where I belong
Seasick in the middle of the street
Empty, vacant, I’ll weather like a stone.